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Alternative Measures Program (AMP)

Alternative Measures Program (AMP) in Canada

What is the Alternative Measures Program (AMP)? The Alternative Measures Program (AMP) is a way for you to accept responsibility for your actions without being found guilty of a criminal offence. In effect, the program ensures that you avoid a conviction by diverting the matter out of the criminal justice system. This means that you will not receive a criminal record for the ...

How can I get my charges diverted to the alternative measures program?

If you are interested in resolving your charges by completing the alternative measures program, you will first need to be admitted to AMP by the Crown Prosecutor. While a large number of alternative measure referrals come directly from the police, it is ultimately the Crown who will decide whether a person is let into the program or not. When considering whether you should receive ...

What is the adult alternative measures program?

The Adult Alternative Measures Program (AMP), is a diversion program that is designed for individuals who have no criminal record (or a dated criminal record), and who have been charged with a minor criminal offence. AMP was implemented in recognition of the fact that sometimes it is not worthwhile prosecuting very minor offences, particularly in cases where the objectives of criminal sentencing can be ...

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