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Bail Hearing

Bail Hearings in Canada

If you are reading about bail, it is most likely because someone you care about has been arrested and taken into custody, or you have an upcoming date from the police and want to know what to expect. Bail may also be referred to as “Judicial Interim Release.” Both terms refer to the temporary release of an accused person while their charges progress through ...

What is a surety?

A surety is a person who will put a deposit up in the form of either cash or money to secure the release of an accused out on bail. Once the accused is released, the surety will be deemed responsible for the accused while they are out on bail. If you are considering acting as a surety, you will have to ensure the court ...

How do I change my release conditions and what if I breach them?

Once your release conditions have been set, it is difficult to change them without the consent of the Crown Prosecutor. In order to change your release conditions without the consent of the Crown Prosecutor, you will have to conduct a bail review hearing in King's Bench, and demonstrate to the Court that there has been a material change in circumstances to justify amending the ...

How can I reach a friend or family member who has been arrested?

It is extremely difficult to contact an individual who has been arrested. The first problem is figuring out where they have been taken. If the arrest happened in a rural area, it is most likely they have been taken to a local RCMP station. In a major centre like Calgary, however, the person under arrest may be in any of a number of district offices, ...

A friend or family member has just been arrested, what should I do?  

Our lawyers frequently receive phone calls either from people in custody seeking legal advice, or from friends and family of people who have just been arrested, looking for some guidance as to what to do next. Although the process does have to play itself out once someone is arrested, there are some steps you can take to assist the person in custody. If your friend ...

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