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Criminal Harassment

Criminal Harassment (s. 264) Charges in Canada: Offences, Defences, Punishments

What is Criminal Harassment?Criminal harassment is covered under s. 264 of the Criminal Code. Criminal harassment is more commonly referred to as stalking, but the offence can include a wide range of acts. However, the acts typically follow repeated, but unwanted attempts to communicate with the complainant.Criminal harassment is a hybrid offence, where depending on the circumstances of your case, the Crown can elect ...

How can I get my criminal harassment charges dropped?

If you have been charged with criminal harassment, there are a few ways that you can get your charges dropped. One effective way of getting your charges dropped is by signing a peace bond. If you sign a peace bond, you will be required to stay away from the complainant and to cease contacting them for a period of a year. During this time ...

What are the best defences for a criminal harassment charge?

The best defence to a criminal harassment charge will depend heavily on the circumstances of the offence, however, one common and effective way to tackle a criminal harassment charge would be to argue that the complainant’s fear was not reasonable in the circumstances. That is, you can point to the nature of the relationship between yourself and the complainant, or the nature, context, and ...

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