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Dangerous Driving

How can I get my dangerous driving charges dropped?

If you have been charged with dangerous driving, our criminal defence lawyers can work on your behalf to resolve your charges before you even go to trial. In some instances, we may even be able to resolve your dangerous driving charge in a manner that ensures that you do not receive a criminal criminal record. For example, in some instances we may be able ...

What are the best defences to a dangerous driving charge?

The best defence to your dangerous driving charge will depend heavily on the unique circumstances of the offence. To find out the best defence to your charges, you should contact one of our criminal defence lawyers as soon as possible. We will fully review your case and will provide you with an opinion as to how we can best defend your dangerous driving charge. ...

What is dangerous driving?

Dangerous driving is a charge that you can receive when you are caught operating a motor vehicle, a sea-going vessel, aircraft or railway equipment in a manner that is considered to be dangerous to the public. In order to convict you of dangerous driving, the Crown Prosecutor will need to prove each of the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt: You were operating a ...

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