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What is a curative discharge?

A curative discharge is a special type of discharge that is granted to those who have been charged with impaired driving, or driving over .08, and who are in need of curative treatment. Curative discharges are available in all provinces in Canada except for British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland. In addition to a criminal record, those who are convicted of an impaired driving ...

What effect will a discharge have on my criminal record?

A discharge is not a criminal conviction in Canada. Rather, it is a sentencing measure that will allow an offender to avoid a criminal record after you have been found guilty of a criminal offence. However, it does not mean that it will not show up on your record at all. After being granted a conditional discharge, it will show up on criminal record ...

Discharges in Canada

What is a Discharge? This page provides a general overview of criminal discharges in Canada. For location-specific information, please select the location nearest you from the drop-down menu or contact one of our dedicated defence lawyers. A discharge is the best possible sentence you can receive short of a resolution, whereby your charges are diverted out of the criminal justice system. This means that ...

What is an absolute discharge?

An absolute discharge is a very rare type of sentence that will allow you to completely avoid a criminal conviction without having to comply with the probationary conditions that typically accompany a conditional discharge. Like a conditional discharge, an absolute discharge can only be granted after you have been accused of a criminal offence, of after you have pled guilty to a criminal offence. ...

What is a conditional discharge?

In Canada there are two types of discharges that may be available when you are found guilty of a criminal offence: Conditional Discharges and Absolute Discharges. A discharge is an extraordinary sentencing measure that will allow an accused person to avoid a criminal conviction, notwithstanding the fact that they have either pled guilty to an offence or have been found guilty of an offence. ...

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