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Domestic Violence & Assault

How can I get my domestic violence charges dropped?

Contrary to what many people believe, domestic violence charges will not automatically get dropped if the complaint changes his or her mind and tells the police they no longer wish to charge you criminally. Rather, once a complaint of domestic violence is made to the police and a charge is formally laid, the Crown Prosecutor takes control of the proceedings and the person who made ...

What are the best defences to a domestic assault charge?

While the best defence to any charge will depend heavily on the circumstances of the case, if you are proceeding to trial a crucial component of your defence will be undermining the credibility of witnesses who will testify against you. Unfortunately, due to anger, jealousy, or bitterness arising from a divorce or some other domestic issue, many allegations of domestic abuse are exaggerated or fabricated. ...

What is domestic assault?

Domestic assault is an assault that occurs in the context of a domestic relationship, or an intimate relationship between two people of the same sex or two people of the opposite sex. This includes boyfriends and girlfriends, spouses, common-law partners, and other family members. It is important to know that while domestic assault is not an offence specified or defined in the Criminal Code, it ...

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