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Driving while disqualified

Driving While Disqualified (s. 259) Charges in Canada: Offences, Defences, Punishments

What is driving while disqualified? Driving while disqualified is a criminal offence covered under s. 259 of the Criminal Code. As the name suggests, driving while disqualified is defined as operating a motor vehicle, vessel, or aircraft while there is a court order prohibiting you from doing so. These court orders can be for a range of reasons (see FAQ), but usually, you ...

What are the best defences to a driving while disqualified charge?

The best defence to your driving while disqualified charge will depend heavily on the unique facts of your case, as well as your personal circumstances and the circumstances of the offence. As we do not list all of the defences available for this particular charge, in order to determine the most effective way to defend your charges please contact one of our criminal defence ...

What is driving while disqualified?

You will be guilty of driving while disqualified when you operate a motor vehicle, vessel, or aircraft while disqualified from doing so because of a previous driving suspension or disqualification. In order to secure a conviction for the offence, the Crown will need to prove that you were operating a motor vehicle on any street in Canada, that you were disqualified from doing so, ...

How can I get my driving while disqualified charges dropped?

In some cases, there is a possibility that after reviewing all of the evidence against you, we find weaknesses that are detrimental enough to the Crown prosecutor’s case that we can persuade them to drop the charges against you. If this does not happen, there are other ways that you can ensure that you are not convicted of this offence without proceeding to trial. ...

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