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Mischief (s. 430) Criminal Code of Canada: Offences, Defences, Punishments

What is Mischief in the Criminal Code of Canada? Mischief is covered under s.430 of the Criminal Code. This section of the Criminal Code describes the offence of mischief in its various forms. Most typically this offence involves property damage such as vandalism. Mischief involves willfully destroying or damaging property, rendering that property useless, dangerous, inoperative or ineffective, or obstructing, interrupting, or ...

How can I get my mischief charges dropped?

If you have recently been charged with mischief, there is a chance that you can get your charges dropped through a pre-trial diversion program. Some pre-trial diversion options that can result in your mischief charges being withdrawn are the alternative measures program and mental health diversion. The alternative measures program may be a viable option for you if this is your first offence or ...

What are the best defences to a mischief charge?

The best defence to your mischief charge will depend entirely on the specific circumstances of your case. As such, in order to determine the best way to beat your mischief charge, you should contact one of our criminal defence lawyers as soon as possible. We will review all of the evidence that the Crown Prosecutor has against you, and we will be able to ...

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