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Paralegals & Lawyers: What’s the Difference?

While your lawyer might be the face of your case, they are seldom working alone. Behind any good lawyer is likely a legal team enabling the work and strong advocacy your lawyer brings to the table. It’s likely your lawyer is well aware that he or she can’t juggle it all on their own and therefore they employ a support system in the ...

Self-Defence Laws in Canada: Understand Your Rights

Self Defence Canada Canadian citizens have a fundamental right to safeguard themselves and their property, and this right must be upheld as long as their defensive actions are reasonable and proportional to the circumstances. However, it is crucial to note that injuring an intruder or using lethal force is only justified when it is the only available option for self-defence against ...

Indictable Offence vs Summary Offence: What’s the Difference?

What is an indictable offence? An indictable offence is often considered a more serious offence due to the greater penalties and sentences associated with it. Due to the seriousness of the crimes, the penalty for an indictable offence is up to life imprisonment, which is 25 years. If your offence is classified as indictable, this means that you may be eligible for a ...

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