Driving While Disqualified Charge in Saskatchewan

Driving While Disqualified Charge in EdmontonIf you are charged with driving while disqualified in Edmonton, you are facing a very serious criminal charge. While driving while disqualified might not seem like a significant offence, in Edmonton and surrounding area the Crown typically seeks a minimum 30 day jail term following a conviction.

All that the Crown needs to prove in order for you to be found guilty of this offence is that you were driving your vehicle, and that you were disqualified at the time of driving.

In addition to a potential jail sentence, you can also face fines of up to $5000, a minimum driving prohibition of one year to a maximum driving prohibition of 5 years, and a sharp increase in your insurance. Because this is a fairly easy crime to prove and a difficult one to defend, it is in your best interest to contact one of the criminal defence lawyers in our Edmonton office. We have considerable experience negotiating early case resolutions with Crown prosecutors, and can effectively assist you with resolving your matter in the most favorable way possible.


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Hi this review is for my lawyer Lisa smart. Lisa thank you for helping me out and for not judging me and my mistakes. I wasn’t good before from all the trauma and that wasn’t me and it made me feel alot better when you said you understand and when you said to just take a breathe and not worry as much because I was in good hands. Because I was in the best hands. I was so scared I was going to go to jail and scared of what would happen to my kids because they need their mom. Thank you for fighting for me and making sure they have a mom and one whose not in jail.


Lisa was kind and compassionate and did everything she could to ease my fears. She explained the process to me and walked me through all the possible outcomes which really reduced my stress. I can’t thank her enough for not only getting my charges dropped and helping me to move forward past my mistake but also for always making sure I was hanging in there along the way. Anyone who needs a criminal lawyer would be well served in hiring Lisa Smart.


Lisa is absolutely terrific I would highly recommended her for your lawyer needs. She’s not only passionate and organized she goes above and beyond. Lisa answers all your questions with great detail and explanation. She keeps you updated and never in the dark. If you need a lawyer who will see it through and be on top of everything Lisa is your lawyer.


Lisa at Strategic Criminal Defence Law Office is amazing at what she does. She’s got a lot of compassion for her clients, great communication skills, and will actually sit down to listen to what you have to say, she’s willing to lend an ear when needed. I cannot thank Lisa enough for what she has done for us, if you need a lawyer, Lisa is your girl.


Lisa is so awesome that she didn’t just take away my stress, she straight up made defending my charges fun! strongly considering committing a new criminal offence so I can hang out with her again! Just kidding. Seriously though, if you get charged with something and are thinking ‘shoot I don’t have a guy for that’, then take my word that Lisa Smart at Strategic Criminal Defence should DEFINITELY be your guy. She’s smart as whip, chill and down to earth and not at all pret