Driving While Disqualified Charge in Edmonton

Driving While Disqualified Charge in EdmontonIf you are charged with driving while disqualified in Edmonton, you are facing a very serious criminal charge. While driving while disqualified might not seem like a significant offence, in Edmonton and surrounding area the Crown typically seeks a minimum 30 day jail term following a conviction.

All that the Crown needs to prove in order for you to be found guilty of this offence is that you were driving your vehicle, and that you were disqualified at the time of driving.

In addition to a potential jail sentence, you can also face fines of up to $5000, a minimum driving prohibition of one year to a maximum driving prohibition of 5 years, and a sharp increase in your insurance. Because this is a fairly easy crime to prove and a difficult one to defend, it is in your best interest to contact one of the criminal defence lawyers in our Edmonton office. We have considerable experience negotiating early case resolutions with Crown prosecutors, and can effectively assist you with resolving your matter in the most favorable way possible.


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Client Reviews

Ellen did wonderful stuff for me and got my charges stayed she is an awesome lawyer and I would recommend her too anyone thank you so much for your help this past year


Best lawyer in town I highly recommend DAN and his team they went above and beyond on my case best experience with this law firm highly highly recommend


I highly recommended Jessica she got all my charges withdrawn and I didn’t even have to show up to one court hearing she took care of everything so I got to stay working and didn’t have to miss a day the only time I was going to have to show up was trial but it didn’t get that far before she got all charges withdrawn if I could give them a ten I would best lawyer I’ve ever had and actually tried to get them withdrawn not just get me fines and on probation!!!


I’m glad I made the right choice to retain the legal services of Mr. Daniel Murphy who represented me in a very difficult criminal case that was very hard to beat due to the circumstances surrounding the case. Mr. Murphy advised me wisely and approached the matter with a well-planned legal strategy. He is well versed with the law and plans ahead. I’m grateful for the depth of intellect he has brought to the court. He is firm, fair and understands the tactics of the crown prosecutors and will not be caught unaware of their plans.