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About Lorant Kiss

Since being called to the Ontario bar, I have practiced exclusively in criminal defence. I have represented clients across the GTA and Southern Ontario facing a variety of criminal charges. The narrow and focused scope of my practice has allowed me to gain experience regarding most aspects of this area of the law.

My interest in law stretches back to before my legal education. Prior to obtaining my degree, I worked in immigration law. The dynamic nature of this field helped me in building the necessary skill set to excel in the practice of law.

Approach to Advocacy

Having to search for a criminal defence lawyer likely means that you are in a tough spot. It is crucial that you pick a lawyer that you feel comfortable working with, as making your way though the criminal justice system is a time intensive endeavour. I strive to ensure that I am available to all my clients to answer their questions and to guide them through a very stressful process.

All cases that I deal with are given equal consideration. I tailor my approach to the unique, individual needs of my clients and their charges. Some charges can be resolved without having to resort to a trial. Other times, a trial is the only way to guarantee that your side of the events are heard. In either instance, I am ready to work with you to obtain the most favourable outcome possible.

Education, Accomplishments and Career Path

I obtained my Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and my Juris Doctor degree from the University of Windsor Faculty of Law.

While completing my legal education, I spent multiple academic terms volunteering at the city’s legal aid clinic.  In this role, I was able to build my litigation and advocacy skills while helping clients charged with a wide range of criminal offences.

After completing my legal education, I worked as a student-at-law and as an associate at an established, full-service criminal defence firm in Toronto. 

Areas of Practice

  • Assaults
  • Drug Offences
  • DUI’s
  • Domestic Offences
  • Property Crime


  • Honours Bachelor of Arts – University of Toronto
  • Juris Doctor – University of Windsor Faculty of Law

Areas of Practice

  • DUIs
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Assault
  • Property Offences
  • Drug Charges


  • Honours Bachelor of Arts – University of Toronto
  • Juris Doctor – University of Windsor Faculty of Law

Assaults & Threats

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Domestic Violence

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Client Reviews

I would like to start by saying thank you to Dylan Finlay for all the great work he has done for me, I thought I was going to be dealing with a criminal record for the rest of my life and he managed to get me a criminal discharge on my case! He is on point and very professional, I would highly recommend Dylan Finlay to anybody who needs help with their criminal charges! Thank you once again Dylan!


Dylan Finley handled my case. Right from the start he was polite, professional, attentive and he delivered on all of his promises. I had a case where it was looking really bad for me. I did everything Dylan told me to do and he took care of the rest. My life was filled with stress and worry about the case. Dylan handled my case like a pro and I received the outcome that I desired. I highly recommend Dylan to anyone seeking a criminal defense lawyer. He has changed my life and given me the opportunity to have a bright future.


Dylan Finlay is a professional and effective criminal defence lawyer. Dylan was my lawyer for an assault charge and was excellent throughout the entire process. He advised me how to turn myself in and what to expect, and then helped me build a case while I waited for trial. He was responsive to my emails and his confidence and knowledge relieved my stress. Furthermore, he was reasonable priced for the quality of defence he provides. I am very thankful for his services and got a favourable result on my case. I highly recommend his services.


Dylan Finlay is an amazing legal representative and person.I was facing a challenging trial. After getting to speak with Dylan he alleviated all of my stress and concern that burdened me. He provided valuable knowledge and was very intelligent and that eased my stress of the approaching Trial Court Dates . He provided an abundance of research and paperwork, he just had that intelligent edge and legal insight that was commendable. He was very kind and a pleasure too speak with and very personable. Look no further! The legal services provided to me by Dylan was an absolute success. Dylan returned my life back to me. He got me out of a very challenging situation. No matter how much I would thank you Dylan, you are the best :)


Dylan was such a great lawyer to work with. I had consulted with other lawyers prior, but decided to hire him after our first meeting as he was extremely professional and provided better advice and information than the others had. He was able to have my case resolved so quickly, much faster than what I had expected and achieved the result we wanted. I truly feel that he went above and beyond for my case, which shows me how much he cares about his clients. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for a lawyer.