Laura Bobyn

Criminal Lawyer


About Laura Bobyn

I am a Criminal Defence lawyer at Strategic Criminal Defence, Calgary branch. Strategic Criminal Defence is a full-service Criminal Defence Law Office, with central offices across Western Canada and Toronto.

Education, Awards, and Career Path

I completed my law degree at the University of Birmingham, in England, where I graduated with honours. Throughout my time there, I engaged in multiple opportunities to develop advocacy skills both verbal and written. I was elected by my cohort as the Faculty of Law Student Representative, a position I held throughout law school that provided a leadership opportunity where I could verbally advocate for my fellow students on changes we believed would benefit our program. I was also selected to compete in the Advocacy Program Moot, where I made the semi-finals, developing verbal and written advocacy skills directly applicable to the legal challenges we were given.

In my final year of law school, I applied and was selected to volunteer and work for the Free Legal Advice Group (F.L.A.G.), through the Pro Bono Society. This clinic provides free legal advice and assistance to those who do not qualify for the UK Legal Aid system but cannot afford to hire private counsel. This was my first opportunity to work directly with clients and find legal solutions to their problems, ensuring they were not navigating the system alone. Finally, I completed and submitted a dissertation contemplating the existing framework of mental health legislation in the UK and how it could be improved. Working with and acknowledging the challenges of individuals who suffer from mental health concerns while being in an overwhelming position in the criminal justice system is a career focus for me. Providing reassurance and legal assistance, while ensuring a just outcome in consideration of the specific challenges associated with mental health is an area of expertise I want to develop.

In 2020, I was accepted to the University of British Columbia where I completed my Master of Laws. As an internationally trained lawyer, it was important to me that I bolster my international training with a concrete foundation in Canadian law. Although England and Canada have the same common law judicial system, pursuing my Master’s was an important accomplishment for me in order to feel prepared to pursue my career as a lawyer practicing in Canada.

How I can Help

My path to the Alberta Bar was difficult and unconventional. There were many moments of doubt and roadblocks that consistently challenged what I believed very deeply: I would be a criminal defence lawyer. None of my educational or career accomplishments were possible without a firm knowledge that I was pursuing my dream.

A positive outcome of those challenges was developing a strong sense of perseverance and resilience, two traits I strive to bring to every case I handle. No two cases are alike, nor are the clients. Being a fierce advocate who ensures a just outcome that is in the best interests of my client is my focus. I understand being charged with an offence is likely one of the most stressful times in someone’s life and the necessity of acknowledging a client’s fears and learning how I can bring some level of calmness and reassurance while working on their case, is extremely important to me.

Through active listening, attention to detail and diligent preparation, I seek to create a space for every client that lets them know they can trust me, I am on their side, and I will do everything I can to secure an outcome that is both just and recognizes their goals and needs (whether those be personal or career, etc.) both immediately and in the future.


Areas of Practice

  • Immediate Roadside Sanctions (IRS)
  • Criminal Driving Offences
  • Domestic Assaults and Violent Crime
  • Peace Bond and Probation Breaches
  • Theft, Mischief and Property Offences
  • Provincial Traffic Violations
  • Municipal Bylaw Infractions
  • Young Offender Charges


  • Law Society of Alberta
  • Roster Lawyer, Legal Aid Alberta
  • Calgary Defence Lawyers Association
  • Calgary Bar Association


  • Master of Laws from the University of British Columbia (2021)
  • Bachelor of Laws from the University of Birmingham, First Class with Honors (2020)
  • Certificate of Contract Management: Business Law from Mount Royal University (2016)
  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary (2015)

Client Reviews

Michael Oykhman is a very professional lawyer and the first time I spoke to him he asked about my situation and he gave me some very helpful advice and assistance and also told me his odds of winning this case. During the days I was in contact with micheal I could feel the level of professionalism of him and his team, he is able to respond back to you with any questions you have within 24 hours. In the end he was as successful in helping me win my case as he had initially promised me.If you are still struggling to find a lawyer, I highly recommend Michael Oykhman.


Please give yourself a favour and contact Mr. Michael Oykhman if you need any legal advice or if you are in a terrible situation. Even-tough, the odds are not in your favour, still they will go extra miles to help you out in bad situation and get you favourable outcome. Moreover, They will work on your file even after the business hours. I don’t have words to say thanks to Mr. Michael oykhman and Kiran Cheema who had worked on my file and get me out of trouble. I’m very grateful for your assistance and exceptional service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Laura Bobyn my lawyer was amazing and so supportive of my case and me. She fought with Tenacity to get my victory. It was amazing to hear how knowledgeable and how her attention to every little detail of my case was shown in her defence! She is the best and I would recommend her to anyone of my colleagues or people in my life! Thank you, Laura!

This law firm is your go-to!

I had the pleasure of working and trusting my case with Joseph Beller. I had 2 counts against me, and in the end, Joseph was able to present and use his “fighter skills” in court to have my charges lowered to a conditional discharge. On top of this, this firm follows its mission values statement by being ethical, transparent, available, and very friendly. Joseph and his team treated me with the utmost respect from start to finish. Thank you again, Joseph! I hope to never call you again 😊


Joseph Beller, from the very beginning when I first contacted and then retained Joseph as my representative I felt I was in good hands. When I emailed him with a question. I got a prompt response. We communicated often on the phone as needed. Joseph kept me informed as to the process. He made sure I knew all the potential results so I knew and could plan for the different outcomes. I know this his his job. But appreciate his professionalism and also his ability to not make me feel any extra stress. Well done.