Rebecca Snukal, KC

Criminal Lawyer


About Rebecca Snukal, KC

I am a King’s Counsel Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer at Snukal Law, and Strategic Criminal Defence (an association of independent law practices). Together, we are a Full Service Criminal Defence Law Office, with central offices across Western Canada and Ontario.

I have dedicated my entire legal career to the practice of criminal law in Alberta. With more than 20 years of experience in criminal law, and having defended thousands of people, I always equip my clients with seasoned legal advice and a rigorous defence.

My practice is founded on the belief that every client is entitled to my best work. I pride myself on a holistic and well-rounded understanding of the criminal justice system. Having represented numerous high-profile sexual assault and homicide cases, I’ve come to know what a robust defence entails, and apply those defence strategies to each and every case.

Approach to Advocacy

I attribute my tailored and nuanced defences to an array of experience in the field. My defences are built from the bottom up. I place just as much emphasis on the formative and behind-the-scenes work as on the persuasive and prepared court presentation or in resolution discussions. Likewise, I place equal importance on my writing and my research capabilities as I do on my oral advocacy and problem-solving skills.

Notably, however, I am probably best known for my court presence and cross-examination skills. I have meticulously cultivated the skill to understand my audience and approach every cross-examination uniquely, mindful of the care required when cross-examining sensitive witnesses such as children.

Throughout my career, I have personally handled or overseen more than 10,000 criminal cases, many of which have been reported in the news and in legal journals.

Furthermore, my skills as a trial lawyer have even been recognized by the Calgary Police Service where I taught police officers how to testify in criminal defence trials, as informed by a defence perspective with the Crowfoot Learning Centre in mock trial settings.

Community Involvement and Outreach

Throughout my career, I’ve played an instrumental role in numerous professional associations, helping not only individual clients but our justice system as a whole.

As Vice President of the Calgary Defence Lawyers Association (CDLA) and defence representative for the Provincial Court Implementation Committee, I’ve contributed to addressing multiple issues related to Provincial Court – Criminal Division.

As a defence representative for the Court of King’s Bench Criminal Justice Committee, the Court Case Management Committee, and the Domestic Violence Courtroom Committee, I have worked collaboratively with Prosecutors, Judges and various other criminal justice system participants to enhance the efficiency of both Provincial Court and the Court of King’s Bench.

For many years I also served as a member of the Legal Aid Society’s Appeal committee and helped ensure that people that couldn’t afford a lawyer still got appropriate representation whenever possible.

All of my contributions to these various committees were fueled by my desire to protect not only my clients, but all accused persons, and to improve access to justice for such individuals.

My passion for helping people extends beyond the law. Throughout my career I’ve been actively involved in numerous community and civic activities as well, including the following:

  • Mentoring students from Master’s Academy, where students would shadow me and prepare a final project about the life of a defence lawyer.
  • Guest lecturing at Student Legal Assistance (a pro-bono legal clinic offered by the University of Calgary Law School) on various aspects of criminal law practice and trial advocacy skills.
  • Instructing at the University of Calgary Law Trial Advocacy Program (a mandatory third-year course for all law students), including presenting at several mock demonstrations to the student body.
  • Team Lead at a National Women in Law Conference legal exercises sessions.
  • Guest judging multiple trial and moot competitions at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law.
  • Serving on the Executive, and being a member, of the Calgary Northeast Openers Lions Club, which is focused on fundraising for various charitable organizations.
  • Acting as the Social Coordinator for Trails West Wolves U9 and U11 hockey teams – Go Wolves!
  • Founding Franny’s Fund to raise money for families that required urgent assistance as a result of domestic violence and participation in the Justice system. This fund generally raises money for counselling and other supports for these participants in situations where no other funding is available. Since 2021, Franny’s Fund now operates out of 5 major Canadian cities.

My extensive involvement in various organizations illustrates my ability to work with diverse communities and individuals, mirroring the diverse demographics seen within the field of criminal law. I am confident that these experiences and my passion for justice extensively informs my role as a lawyer, as I strive to recognize and serve both my clients and the community.

How I can Help

If you have been accused of a crime, you need an experienced lawyer by your side. With over 20 years of criminal law experience, and thousands of successful outcomes, there is virtually no issue I haven’t seen, and no case I haven’t done. When you hire me, you instantly get the benefit of my extensive experience in and out of the courtroom. Equally important, you will get the passion and compassion that I have for each and every client, and for the practice of law.

Contact me today for a consultation and judge for yourself.


Areas of Practice

  • All Sexual Offences
  • All Violence and Domestic Violence Offences
  • Drug Trafficking, Production, and Importation
  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Serious Theft and Fraud
  • Firearms and Weapons
  • Organized Crime and Terrorism
  • Complex Bail Litigation
  • All Youth Matters


  • University of Calgary, Bachelor of Arts in English
  • University of Calgary, Bachelor of Laws


  • In 2006, I was honoured by the Calgary Herald as one of 20 Compelling Calgarians, a testament to my dedication and involvement in the community.
  • In 2009, I received a Certificate of Recognition from the Chief Crowfoot Learning Centre and the Calgary Police Service.
  • In 2010, I received a Certificate of Recognition for meritorious service in the provision of quality legal services from the Legal Aid Society of Alberta.

King’s Counsel

In 2022, I was designated as King’s Counsel (His Majesty’s Counsel, learned in the law, for the Province of Alberta) by the Minister of Justice for the Province of Alberta for my various contributions to the legal profession and public life.


  • Law Society of Alberta
  • Legal Aid Alberta
  • Calgary Defence Lawyers’ Association
  • Calgary Bar Association
  • Canadian Bar Association


Client Reviews

Michael Oykhman is a very professional lawyer and the first time I spoke to him he asked about my situation and he gave me some very helpful advice and assistance and also told me his odds of winning this case. During the days I was in contact with micheal I could feel the level of professionalism of him and his team, he is able to respond back to you with any questions you have within 24 hours. In the end he was as successful in helping me win my case as he had initially promised me.If you are still struggling to find a lawyer, I highly recommend Michael Oykhman.


Please give yourself a favour and contact Mr. Michael Oykhman if you need any legal advice or if you are in a terrible situation. Even-tough, the odds are not in your favour, still they will go extra miles to help you out in bad situation and get you favourable outcome. Moreover, They will work on your file even after the business hours. I don’t have words to say thanks to Mr. Michael oykhman and Kiran Cheema who had worked on my file and get me out of trouble. I’m very grateful for your assistance and exceptional service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Laura Bobyn my lawyer was amazing and so supportive of my case and me. She fought with Tenacity to get my victory. It was amazing to hear how knowledgeable and how her attention to every little detail of my case was shown in her defence! She is the best and I would recommend her to anyone of my colleagues or people in my life! Thank you, Laura!

This law firm is your go-to!

I had the pleasure of working and trusting my case with Joseph Beller. I had 2 counts against me, and in the end, Joseph was able to present and use his “fighter skills” in court to have my charges lowered to a conditional discharge. On top of this, this firm follows its mission values statement by being ethical, transparent, available, and very friendly. Joseph and his team treated me with the utmost respect from start to finish. Thank you again, Joseph! I hope to never call you again 😊


Joseph Beller, from the very beginning when I first contacted and then retained Joseph as my representative I felt I was in good hands. When I emailed him with a question. I got a prompt response. We communicated often on the phone as needed. Joseph kept me informed as to the process. He made sure I knew all the potential results so I knew and could plan for the different outcomes. I know this his his job. But appreciate his professionalism and also his ability to not make me feel any extra stress. Well done.