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Police Investigation LawyersIf you are being questioned by the police regarding an investigation, getting advice from an experienced criminal lawyer is probably a good idea. Your freedom, reputation, and future may all be at stake, and it’s important to have the right legal guidance aiding you during this critical time.

Navigating police investigations can be daunting and the uncertainty can take a toll on your life. If you believe that you might be under surveillance or have any inkling that you’re the subject of a police investigation, don’t wait to contact a lawyer. A lawyer can assess your situation, explore your legal options, and chart a course to safeguard your rights and future.

What is a police/criminal investigation?

A police or criminal investigation is a meticulous and often complex process carried out by law enforcement agencies to gather information, evidence, and facts related to a suspected crime. The investigative process typically begins when law enforcement officers receive information about a potential crime. Once this information is received and a crime is reported, investigators take on the responsibility of gathering evidence, identifying suspects, and ultimately building a case. The investigation may encompass a wide range of activities, such as interviewing witnesses and suspects, collecting physical evidence, reviewing documents, and conducting surveillance.

When you’re being investigated, one of the most critical aspects to consider is the potential impact on your rights. When being investigated, you may become a suspect and being aware of your rights, including the right to remain silent, the right to legal counsel, and the right against arbitrary detention. These rights are protected under the law to ensure that individuals are treated fairly and justly throughout the investigation.

When officers are gathering evidence and identifying suspects, they must do so within the boundaries of the law. For example, any statement made to police by a suspect without being informed of their right to remain silent can potentially be deemed inadmissible in court. A lawyer can help ensure your rights are protected if you believe you’re being investigated.

How can a criminal investigation lawyer assist with your case?

In Canada, the role of a criminal investigation lawyer is crucial in safeguarding the rights and interests of individuals and ensuring a fair process for those involved in police/criminal investigations. These legal professionals serve as a crucial line of defence during this period. A skilled lawyer can provide immediate guidance, advising the individual on their rights and obligations when dealing with law enforcement. They can also inform the individual of police tactics that are commonly used when someone is under investigation.

A criminal investigation lawyer can also play a pivotal role in scrutinizing the evidence gathered by the police, evaluating its admissibility, and challenging any potential violations of the law. They have the expertise to identify weaknesses in the case against their client and can negotiate on their behalf with prosecutors, with the aim of potentially preventing charges from being laid. In the event that charges are filed, these lawyers build a robust defence strategy, using their knowledge of Canada’s criminal law to advocate for the individual’s rights in court, seeking a just and favourable outcome. In essence, a criminal investigation lawyer acts as a dedicated shield, ensuring that those under police investigation receive fair treatment and that their rights are upheld at every step of the process.

What is Precharge Legal Advice?

Precharge legal advice is a critical service offered by criminal defence lawyers which is aimed at individuals who are either under police investigation or who suspect that they may become the subject of a criminal investigation. It is legal counsel provided to individuals before any formal charges are laid against them. This early intervention can be of paramount importance, as it allows the individual to take proactive steps to protect their rights and interests from the very outset of a potential criminal case.

In essence, precharge legal advice empowers individuals to make informed decisions, safeguard their rights, and potentially mitigate the impact of criminal charges before they emerge. Seeking the counsel of a skilled criminal defence lawyer during this crucial early stage can be a proactive and prudent step toward ensuring a fair and just outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Do I have to talk to the police?

In Canada, individuals have the right to remain silent when interacting with the police. You are not obligated to speak with law enforcement officers or provide self-incriminating information during an investigation. It’s essential to understand that anything you say to the police may be used as evidence in a criminal case. To protect your rights and interests, you have the right to request legal counsel and should do so before engaging in any discussions with law enforcement. By exercising your right to remain silent and consulting with a lawyer, you can ensure that your rights are upheld and that you make informed decisions during the investigative process.

Should I talk to the police?

Whether or not you should talk to the police is a decision that should be made with careful consideration and ideally in consultation with a legal professional. It’s important to understand that while you have the right to remain silent and the right to legal counsel in Canada, whether you choose to speak with the police can have significant implications on your case. Talking to the police without the guidance of a lawyer can be risky, as anything you say may be used against you. In many cases, it’s advisable to exercise your right to remain silent and consult with a criminal defence lawyer first. They can help you make informed decisions, assess the situation, and ensure your rights are protected throughout any interactions with law enforcement. Your choice should ultimately be based on your specific circumstances and the advice of a legal expert who can provide guidance tailored to your case.

The police invited me for an interview, do I have to go?

If the police have invited you for an interview, it’s essential to understand that in Canada, you are generally not legally obligated to attend such an interview. You have the right to decline or postpone the meeting. It’s advisable to exercise your right to remain silent and seek the advice of a criminal defence lawyer before deciding whether to participate in the interview. Your lawyer can help you make an informed decision, assess the potential implications, and guide you on how best to protect your rights and interests during any interaction with the police. Consulting with legal counsel is often a prudent step to ensure that you are well-prepared and that your rights are upheld throughout the process.

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Please give yourself a favour and contact Mr. Michael Oykhman if you need any legal advice or if you are in a terrible situation. Even-tough, the odds are not in your favour, still they will go extra miles to help you out in bad situation and get you favourable outcome. Moreover, They will work on your file even after the business hours. I don’t have words to say thanks to Mr. Michael oykhman and Kiran Cheema who had worked on my file and get me out of trouble. I’m very grateful for your assistance and exceptional service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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